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Complaints of Cialis of teeth, putrid smell from the mouth. On examination, lymphadenitis was found, ulcerative necrotic gingivitis was found in the oral cavity in the region of the second primary molars of the upper and lower jaws. The roots are exposed, covered with a soft coating, deep gingival pockets, many granulations. On the radiograph, the destruction of bone tissue in the area of ​​the alveolar process of the second primary molar, including the bone around the rudiment of the permanent tooth, the foci of destruction in the body of the lower jaw. Make a preliminary diagnosis. Your actions.

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What examinations should be carried out, with what to differentiate the disease? Complete secondary edentulous. He wears a complete removable prosthesis on the upper and lower jaw. On the palms, knees and elbows - desquamation of tadalafil pills, the phenomenon of dyskeratosis. The first permanent molars erupt. Eruption is accompanied by inflammation of periodontal tissues. A 4-year-old child has generalized periodontitis, the gingival margin is swollen, hyperemic, the teeth are mobile.

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The lower anterior teeth are missing. On the radiograph, dystrophy of the bone tissue of the alveolar process.
The destruction is uneven, the complete absence of bone in the region of the milk fangs of the upper and lower jaws.
The bone membranes of the follicles of permanent teeth are destroyed. On the radiograph of the bones of the arms and legs, a violation of calcification in the metaphyseal region was noted.
This disease is a common reticulohistiocytosis and is characterized by a chronic undulating course, in which periods of exacerbation are replaced by periods of remission. The duration of the disease is usually equal to a year or several years.
Why Hand-Schuller-Christian disease occurs It is believed that an important role in the development of the disease is played by a violation of cellular metabolism, namely a violation of lipid metabolism. Most likely, reticulosis develops primarily, and its consequence is a violation of cell permeability and the deposition of an excess amount of lipids.
How does Hand-Schuller-Christian disease As a rule, Hand-Schuller-Christian disease manifests itself in children aged 2 to 5 years.
The onset of the disease is gradual, the first signs are malaise, fatigue, irritability. Following them, parents note poor appetite, intense thirst, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, and constipation.

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